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Welcome to Maths

This is an example of how the landing page could look like. Currently the site has been upgraded so these notes are at the legacy page These notes are for C3 and C4 and M2. As most papers have the same set of questions i'll try and write the answers to cover all the papers.


In this unit the following is required:
  • Knowledge of trig stuff. This includes their derivatives and understanding the graphs
  • Definition of a function (domain and range) and modulus
  • e^x
  • Differentiation - including product rule and etc..
  • Integration
  • Location of root
I will put all this information in 6 pages so what ever question you're on you can easily find an example to help you. [size=150]C4 [/size] For this unit the following is required:
  • Binomial series
  • More trig
  • Curves stuff
  • Formation of simple differential equations and exponential growth/decay
  • Volume and sub by parts
  • Vectors
Again, this will be in 6 pages to help you locate what you need.

Mechanics 2

If you've done physics AS then you should be able to remember most of this. There are a few things that are a little different but you'll be able to get it pretty quick
  • Motion
  • Dynamics of a particle and some energy stuff
  • Motion under gravity
  • Vectors
  • Circular motion