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WJEC notes

Welcome to the legacy pages. I decided not to copy these pages to the new system so this is where you'll find all the old stuff. Feel free to copy them to the new system and edit them as needed.

Here are a few things we have.. Chemistry

Unit 3

This is just a copy of what it says on the specification as there's no point rewording it.

  • Redox and standard electrode potential
  • Redox and reactions
  • Chemistry of the p-block
  • Chemistry of the d-block
  • Chemical kinetics
  • Enthalpy changes for solids and solutions
  • (My favourite) entropy and feasibility of reaction
  • Equilibrium constants
  • Acid-base equilibria

Unit 4

  • Stereoisomerism
  • Aromaticit
  • Alcohols and phenols
  • Aldehydes and ketones
  • Carboxylic acids and their derivatives
  • Amines
  • Amino acids, peptides and proteins
  • Organic synthesis and analysis (big marks!)